A Canadian newspaper, the Star Pheonix, ran an article on February 29, 2008 about Exergaming. The article, written by Cassandra Kyle, states that it may be a good idea for kids to give up conventional video game controllers and get a hold of some new ones to help ward off the bulge that is taking over so many children’s lives. Dr. Ernie Medina, Jr. said that playing a video game that required active interaction almost made children want to be active. In this way they challenge themselves, lose weight and have fun. Wii Fit is a promising product that is due to be released this Spring.

The expert from California also said that while the outlook seems positive for exergaming, research needs to be down about its actual benefits (whether or not a child has learned the benefit of exercise and applies it to outdoor activities and of course to see if there has been any real change in BMI). Once health care has embraced the technology people will be less weary of accepting its benefits.

The change is that youth are expressing their identities online through personalized homepages, social networking sites and a host of other outlets that cater to the amplification of the teen voice. Eventually this will lead to extremely user-friendly methods of personalization that will serve the soon-to-be adult population with practical technologies.
To see the article, please click on the link:  “Exergaming helps kids lose weight: expert”




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