Creating F.U.N. in Garfield N.J.


l        The Fitness, Unity, and Nutrition  (F.U.N.) program was established in 2005 by Garfield Health Department and Ramapo College Nursing Program

l        F.U.N. builds programs designed to promote activity in children with support from the Park and Recreation Department, the Garfield YMCA, and the Garfield Boys and Girls Club.


F.U.N. and GIS for Kids


l        The Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PPGIS) program     for kids uses interactive community-asset mapping to provide bike and      pedestrian information.

l        Interactive online mapping allows kids to take an active role in improving the    bikeability and walkability of their community along with motivating them to be physically active.

l        PPGIS websites are a great way for promoting healthy lifestyles using  technology.


Garfield and Safe Routes To School


l        As a part of Garfield’s “Safe Routes to School” program (SRTS), Garfield received $18,000 in Federal funding through the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the Federal Safe Routes to School Program to support the F.U.N program.  Garfield was also selected as one of six schools to participate in the City Safe Routes to     School Pilot Project by the Active Living Resource Center funded by The Robert     Wood Johnson Foundation.

l        Garfield Streets Walkability Guide is one of the first mapping applications of its kind in the SRTS program and it is performed by children.

l        Incorporating PPGIS into their Safe Routes To School program, Garfield, NJ    has created a revolutionary method for promoting a safer, more active means    for children to commute to school.



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